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Management system
translation processes

About the project

Development of full-fledged application and website for Sphere - translation management system.


In asaresult ofthe implementation ofthe Sphere system the project lead time has been reduced by25%, providing more effective management oftranslation processes.

The system consists of 15+ functional modules. Below we will consider some of them.

Our participation
  • Development and design
  • Integration and testing
  • Training and support
  • PHP 8.2
  • Yii 2
  • MySQL 8.0
  • Javascript
  • Queues
  • Timeweb / API Currency Services
  • Yandex Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

Main modules:

  • - Multiplayer access for clients / managers / performers.
  • - Multiplayer access for clients / managers / performers.
  • - Management of projects and works.
  • - Generation of financial documents (amounts, accounts, payments) with support for conversion of 30+ currencies.
  • - Notification system supporting more than 100 types.
  • - Persistent and reliable file storage module with integration of third-party services supporting AWS S3 API.
  • - Over 10 different financial statements, both graphically and tabulated.
  • - Fast bulk mailing via AWS SES integration.
  • - Cost management module.

Sphere — your first choice for the translation market;

Sphere TMS, the leading translation management system, sets a new standard in the industry. Combining innovative functions with ease of use, Sphere becomes the first number on the market of translation applications.

The Sphere TMS application offers advanced technology and an intuitive interface that allows organizations to effectively manage translation projects, reduce lead time and improve the quality of translations. When it comes to money management, Sphere TMS — is your reliable solution.

Our team of developers and specialists in the field worked on this project from the stage of "ideas", paying attention to every detail to ensure usability and maximum compliance with customer needs.

TMC Translation Management System
TMC Translation Management System TMC Translation Management System TMC Translation Management System TMC Translation Management System

Contribution of Forkdom Solutions in development ofthe Sphere project

Forkdom Solutions' role in the Sphere project was important and fundamental. Our team of software and design experts has created an innovative application and website for Sphere, providing advanced technology, data security and perfect performance.

TMC Система для управления переводческими процессами

technologies used

PHP 8.2 / Yii 2

The selection of the latest version of PHP is conditioned by the desire to use all the latest features of the language, which were implemented by the developers. This applies not only to functions, but also to optimized performance.


Integration of AWS SES for efficient and fast mail messaging with the ability to track statistics on them.

Yandex Cloud / Object Storage

Yandex Object Storage integration for persistent and reliable data storage with implementation of AWS S3 API for quick switching between providers in case of need.


For predictable and high-quality development we always follow the Scrum methodology.

This allows us not only to control the development progress, but also its quality.

Two-week sprints with summing up results and providing results of work, makes the development progress as transparent as possible for the customer.

The process of manual and automatic testing using Unit tests and multiple environments ensures quality delivery of the product to the end user.

Key results


Project Lead Time Reduction: The implementation of the Sphere application and website has reduced the time of translation projects by 25%.


Increase of translators' productivity: With the introduction of Sphere system, translators' productivity increased by 30%.


Smile and full satisfaction with the result of our client.


«We are proud to thank the team of Forkdom Solutions for their contribution to the development of our Sphere TMS project. The results exceeded our expectations. Together with Forkdom Solutions ms were able to create innovative application and website that fully meet our needs and requirements. Thanks to their expertise and technical skills, we have reduced project time by 25% and increased translators' productivity by 30%. The Forkdom Solutions team has demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and has provided solutions that have significantly improved translation management processes. We recommend Forkdom Solutions as a reliable and competent partner for software development.»

Founder of Sphere TMS
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